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Gestion des ventes


Tableau de classement

Spark friendly competition with sales leaderboards that show who the top performers are by revenue, meetings set, calls made, and emails sent.

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Sales Dashboards

Obtenez des informations décisives sur vos ventes grâce à un ensemble de tableaux de bord qui vous permettent de surveiller vos opportunités.


Suivi des objectifs

Suivez la progression des chiffres de votre équipe pour savoir si vous atteindrez vos objectifs à la fin du trimestre.


Multiple Currency

Record, report and manage opportunities in multiple currencies and get real time currency conversions.

Account & Contact Management

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Contact Type

Manage, engage and nurture your contacts better by customizing Contact Types to categorize your business relationships.

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Account Management

Track and manage the companies you're engaged with full account history and a 360° view.

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Auto-enrich Profiles

Copper scrapes the internet for contact and company information, social profiles, and automatically adds it to contact profiles.

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Favorite Feature

Follow accounts to get notified when updates and changes are made.

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Tag Feature

Use tags to segment your contacts for additional tracking capabilities and added context on accounts.

Email, Task & Calendar Management

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Automatic Email Capture

Automatically sync emails and contacts in Gmail to companies in Copper.

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Bulk Email

Standardized email templates with merge tags to send one personalized message to multiple recipients at once. Basic = 1 send per day, Professional = 10 sends per day, Business = unlimited.

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Calendar Management

Schedule and manage your meetings from Copper with Google Calendar integration and powerful scheduling tool.

Collaboration & Automation

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Activity Feed

Real-time feed of all interactions and activities related to contacts, accounts and deals in one place.

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Automatic Data Capture

Copper automatically finds new leads and populates full contact details, so you can add them in one click.

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Mentionnez directement vos coéquipiers lorsque vous avez besoin de leur aide ou lorsque vous souhaitez les tenir informés des éléments d'un compte en particulier.

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Applications mobiles

Receive notifications on new activity, ping your team, and update opportunities all on the go with the iOS and Android apps.


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Champs personnalisés

Add fields to track business specific details so you can better manage and report on accounts. Basic = 5 fields, Professional = 25 fields, Business = 100 fields.

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Custom Views

Build and save pre-filtered lists of leads, contacts, companies or opportunities for a quick view into segment details that matter to you.

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Custom Activities

Set up custom activity types to organize sales activities—calls, meetings, presentations, to-dos and more.

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View information in Copper in your preferred language —English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, or Italian.

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Set preferences to receive real-time alerts that indicate when leads, accounts or deals need attention and deliver updated information.


Professional + Business plan

Google Data Studio

Élaborez et partagez des rapports regroupant des données issues de différentes sources grâce à notre intégration à Google Data Studio.

Professional + Business plan

Open API

Access and build your own integrations that interact with Copper via the Open API.

Professional + Business plan Integrations

Create complex workflows to ensure data is flowing exactly where it needs to and applications talk to each other.


Autres intégrations

Seamlessly access other business apps directly from Copper via custom development to provide additional context.

Security & Controls

Professional + Business plan

Team Permissions

Give users access to the information they need to do their job and restrict access to records and reports using team permissions.

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Required Fields

Fields that contain business specific information can be required when any record is created.

Professional + Business plan

Record Visibility

Select which leads, people, companies and opportunities each person has access to on a record level.

Professional + Business plan

Read-only Fields

Restrict fields from being edited by setting a field to 'Read Only' so users can see the value but cannot change that value.


SAML-based SSO

Make it easier to sign into Copper and ensure that only authorized users get access to sensitive data with SAML-based single sign-on.


Provisionnement des utilisateurs

Simplify provisioning and deprovisioning user identities across all your cloud-based applications including Copper.


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