Email template software

Focus on selling. Copper’s bulk email features and prebuilt email templates will save you hours of writing repetitive emails.

  • Cut down on response time to leads
  • Keep messaging consistent and on-brand
  • Reduce time and effort writing one-off emails
  • Send bulk emails from Gmail
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Create email templates with ease.

Let’s face it—we spend the majority of our day in our inbox responding to emails, prospecting, nurturing customers, and pushing deals forward. With the right email template software, you could spend time on work that matters instead of on low-value tasks like writing emails.

Copper Email Templates Never Draft Email

Never draft the same email more than once.

Sending the same prospecting, follow-up or referrals emails repeatedly? With Copper, you can write an email once and turn it into a template. Either create a template for your own personal use, or make it available to everyone on your team to save time exponentially. Plus, it’s easy to personalize any message with merge fields that map to any field in Copper.

Gmail Email Templates

Access email templates right from your inbox.

With Copper’s Chrome Extension for Gmail, your email templates are just one click away. When drafting an email, just choose the template you want to insert and access your whole library of built-in templates created by you or your team. Following up with sales prospects or common customer support questions just got a whole lot faster.

Send Bulk Emails With Templates

Extend your reach by sending bulk emails in Gmail.

Need to reach out to a big list of prospects or customers? Our bulk email feature allows you to send the same email to a group of people without losing the personal touch. By sending emails in bulk, you’ll save tons of time and still maintain high-quality personalized messages. You can even track engagement right in Copper so you know how many people have received, opened, and read your email.

Email smarter and faster with Copper today.

Give Copper's email templates a try and put an end to the copy/paste struggle.

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We love that Copper sits right in your email, which is where we engage with our customers and prospects.
Frederik GroceAssocié, Storm Ventures

Copper email template features

Send bulk email

Les modèles d'e-mail standardisés dotés de balises de fusion vous permettent d'envoyer simultanément un message personnalisé à plusieurs destinataires.

Personal email templates

Ready-to-use emails for answering frequent questions, greeting new customers, or promoting your service with one click.

Modèles d'e-mail pour l'équipe

Email templates to share across the whole team so they're sending consistent messaging.

Meeting scheduler

Send a meeting request and your contacts can book time in your calendar directly without all the back-and-forth.

Automatisation des flux de travail

Time-based tasks get automatically assigned to the team when leads or opportunities are updated.

Activity feed

Get real-time view of all sales interactions and activities related to contacts and deals in one place.

Lead management

Manage new leads through a qualification process to build sales pipeline and win new business.

Extension Chrome

Ajoutez vos prospects, mettez à jour les opportunités, mentionnez votre historique de compte et concluez vos ventes depuis un panneau unique dans votre boîte de réception ou dans Gmail.

MailChimp integration

Export leads and contacts from Copper to MailChimp for email marketing campaigns.

Alertes en temps réel

Instant notifications deliver the latest information when leads and deals need attention.

Suivi d'ouverture d'e-mail

Know right away when contacts open your email messages so you can reach out while you’re top of mind.

Get your time back

Email templates minus the copying and pasting.

Stop sending the same email hundreds of time and give Copper's email template feature a spin.

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You’re not just reducing busywork….

Work faster

Decrease response time to leads and customers using ready-to-go templates.

Unify your message

Shared email templates also keep your team consistent and on-brand.

Customize your emails

Maintain high-quality, personalized communications when sending emails to a group of people.