A small business crm, minus the bloat.

Copper is designed for G Suite so entrepreneurs, startups, and small-but-mighty teams can grow their businesses right from Gmail.

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4.8 stars on G Suite Marketplace.

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Get up and running in minutes.

Copper is a different kind of crm. We made implementation super easy so all your data is automatically populated without IT or admin support. Not only that, it’s also easily customizable to your processes in minutes—just sit back and watch your team instantly adopt the beautiful and intuitive system.

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Finally, everything in one place.

Copper automatically captures and connects all your files, docs, emails, notes, contracts, and invoices in one place. With Copper, your team stays productive and marching in lockstep, so you can spend more time building customer relationships and growing your business.

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Copper plus G Suite

Work right from Gmail.

Through a seamless integration with Gmail, Docs, Sheets, and Hangouts, Copper empowers you to effortlessly track leads, work deals, add tasks, and collaborate together — all from your inbox. You won’t even notice you’re using a crm.

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Say goodbye to manual data entry.

Imagine: no more copying and pasting your leads’ information. Copper automatically captures and updates important contact information so your relationship database is always up to date. All that time wasted on data entry? It can now be spent on your future customers.

Eliminate data entry
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Copper is incredibly intuitive, easy-to-use, and works instantly without IT admins.
Olivier ChanouxCMO/Co-Founder at LumApps

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The only crm that works for you.


heures par semaine et par utilisateur économisées en saisie de données

50 %

plus précis en matière de rapports

43 %

d'augmentation du taux de collaboration en équipe au moment de conclure des ventes

36 %

d'amélioration du délai de réponse aux prospects et clients

Small businesses
love Copper.

Small businesses love Copper. Meet the first simple and intuitive crm that allows you to work right from your Gmail.

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