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A Salesforce alternative your team will actually use.

More than a sales crm.

Marketing, support, customer success, and other teams all engage with customers. So why’s your sales team the only one using your crm software? Copper is built to improve the lives of every team that deals with customer relationship management.

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Set up in minutes, not months.

Copper’s crm implementation is so simple, your entire team can jump in right away. Skip the long training sessions and complicated setup.

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A crm tool that scales with you.

With flexible pricing and a wide range of customizations, Copper can be a great fit for small businesses, enterprises, and everything in between.

Versus something like Salesforce, you can't go wrong with Copper. It's much more affordable and realistic for small-medium businesses while also supplying most tools that companies need. The application is actually a joy to use versus many of the competitors out there.
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Simple. Clean. Modern.

Work is tiring enough. Nobody wants to use clunky crm software that looks tired and old too.

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A crm that’ll never give you up.

(Or let you down.) Between our Support portal and round-the-clock customer support team, we’re here to answer any questions you have.

You shouldn’t have to force your team to use your crm.